Friday, September 17, 2010

My Love of Funerals...

Is so unnatural...

***On a side note, this casket is gorgeous***

Bad News On the Homefront

Geoff didn't get accepted into Norfolk's Fire Academy this time around. Which is bull. They said his times were insufficient. He had 5 minutes to spare, which in the world of agility tests is ages. I know it takes an average of 3 years to get into any given fire department, but why can't these people see? Nobody wants this as badly as Geoff does. No one. It's bullshit.

I may cry again.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Let's Try This Again

It's been a long time since I've written anything non-school related. Every so often I write a page in my new book, but those days are becoming few and far between. School has kicked into full gear once more, and between learning the muscles of facial form and movement and learning the processional order of a Protestant funeral, I don't have a whole lot of time anymore for much of anything.

Life's not really changed a whole lot, though. I'm still working at the funeral home and going to school full time. Geoff and I are now engaged (he proposed by our favorite hearse...such romance!!!), but without a real date in mind. I've been trying to take a decent photo of my ring, but every picture comes out blurry, no matter what camera I use. Leading me to believe that diamonds just don't want to be photographed. This is the best pic I could get:

It's a gorgeous piece. Usually, I don't care about expensive things like that (I've got to be THE most frugal, 20 year old, EVER), but I cannot lie. It felt really nice to have a man care about me enough to go and pick out a ring, by himself. One that he feels fits my personality and that he knew I'd love to wear on my finger til the day I go to the grave. I wouldn't have cared if he had went and bought me a cubic zirconia ring. It's the thought that counts. But God, it's just so gorgeous!!! Hahaha.


Anyway...I've been getting really into vintage things again, and have been trying to learn how to do my hair in Victory Rolls:

(Aren't they sexy???)

There is something so beautiful about women back then. They cared about how they looked and took pride in themselves. They learned to do their hair these gorgeous styles as an easy way to change up old outfits (during the War, clothes rationings made it hard to buy new dresses and such), and as a way to look good for their returning War Heroes. Now, usually, I'm of the idea that you should look good for you, and not for some man. But there is something completely amazing about doing your hair and make up and then seeing the glow that your man gets when he sets his eyes (and/or hands) on you. These women had the right idea.

Not to mention that women of the 1940's were completely amazing anyway--they made clothes, took care of the house, made extensive meals from scratch, cleaned, grew Victory Gardens, dealt with rations, War, the absence of their men, took care of the kids, etc. They may not have been the "bread-winners" but their jobs were no less important--or easier.

Sigh...Why can't it be 1945 again??? Why can't men be sweet, gentlemanly, all-American, Patriots and why can't women take pride in themselves again (girls these days show way too much skin), taking time to do their hair and make-up and wear classy, modest clothes???

Why can't romance be like this again:


I want it that way again! Before technology, the media, the drug surge and idiots ruined America. I want to go back to a time when baseball was America's pasttime, when men wore suspenders and women wore pin-stripped pantyhose, when meatloaf and potatoes was what was for dinner, when lovers stuck together no matter what, when an education was still the most valuable thing a person could obtain.

Our society is quickly going into the shitter...someone save us.